What People Are Saying

Our practice members will excitedly share with one another excitement because their bodies are working better and they are felling more alive and less sick.

These are some of the things we hear that people are excited to have less of:

  • Allergies
  • Back Pain
  • Colic
  • Discs
  • Headaches
  • PMS
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Stress
  • Whiplash
  • ADHD

In general, people report feeling more alive, more energy, more clear headed, and more like their true selves. We all deserve at least that in life.

Forty years ago, I fractured four lumbar vertebrae in an accident. For the next 35 years I was in severe, chronic pain. I tried everything short of surgery. Nothing helped. About five years ago I happened to meet Dr. Pam and she suggested coming in for a consultation. Dr. Pam spent at least an hour evaluating me and at the end she said, "I think we can help you.” So we began the treatments. I did exactly what they told me to, which meant coming in three times a week for about three months. Suddenly I was in even more pain. It was hard to believe that such light touches on my back could have an effect but something was definitely changing. Dr. Steve kept telling me that this was to be expected and was actually a good sign. I am now on a maintenance plan of twice a month. The whole process took about a year and for the last five years I have been pain-free. It's not exaggerating to say that this is a miracle. I am able to lead a normal life now as long as I am careful not to overdo it. I have my life back and I am eternally grateful to Steve and Pam for this.


I leave feeling like a brand new person! – Jennifer

I can turn my head again. I’ve got better range of motion in my neck and back than I’ve had in months, and my headaches have really subsided. Woo hoo! – Kay


As a chiropractor (who knows good chiropractic care when he experiences it) I choose my own chiropractors who are talented, loving and present. Drs. Pam and Steve are all that and a whole lot of fun. Count yourself blessed to live in Groton and have them as your very own. – Dr. Andrew Cohen

They are “straightening” me out. They are also giving me hope for a pain-free future. – Donna Lee

Thank you! Drs. Steve and Pam have the biggest, caring, most thoughtful, kindest hearts. They make our hearts, body, mind, spirit and soul feel so good. They do so much for others and it rubs off on me because when I leave I want to do something good to help other people. I always feel so comfortable and at home here. Your classes are so helpful and knowledgeable, and your themes are always unique, fun and amazing. The staff are always so friendly and nice, and greet us with a BIG smile. Drs. Steve and Pam listen to us and about our aches with all their hearts.


I am able to stand up straight again and breathe better. And all the people working here are wonderful. – Gail

It has been so very helpful for my neck, shoulder, back, hip, etc…thank you so much! – Judy

The pain I was living with left and I was able to completely use my arm and shoulder again. I regained full range of motion!


Chiropractic has been one of my life savers, along with massage therapy. I owe my slowing down of the aging process and ability to function on a day to day basis to chiropractic. There’s no doubt about it! – Berta

Coming here is the highlight of my week. – Carolyn

I can sit longer without pain. I can move more freely. I can participate in more of the activities that I like. It's effective and gentle. Both Dr. Pam and Dr. Steve have repeatedly worked what has felt like miracles when I've been in pain.

After 2 major car accidents I had the neck of a 70 year old and a bad L5…Drs. Steve and Pam took a gentle, yet aggressive approach to bringing my body back to the “50’s”. No sense aging before your time! They have encouraged and supported me and my family in so many ways. We can’t thank them enough for helping us to make our health a priority. Our weekly visits are worth it and I wouldn’t miss them. – Janet

Community Chiropractic enhances my life by reducing stress, managing chronic pain, and improving my emotional well-being. – Ann


My problem was chronic, stemming from a car accident in 1981. Other chiropractors might have gotten discouraged or told me to resign myself to another 30 years of pain. Not Drs. Pam and Steve. They never gave up, persevering with humor and grace and incredible patience and kindness. I am so grateful to them both for their gifts. I am better than I've been in decades because of their hard work!

Chiropractic has kept me from getting the migraines that I did as a kid. Overall, days with headaches are significantly fewer and my back and hips feel a lot better with chiropractic care. An adjustment is relaxing and I feel better almost immediately. – Kathy

My doctor recommended hip replacement surgery, and I have had considerable pain in my hip and back from arthritis. Two days after my first adjustment by Dr. Steve, I halved the number of pain medications I was taking. Although hip replacement surgery may be nearly unavoidable at this point, being in less pain is making my life easier and better. I look forward to coming regularly! – Fran

Community Chiropractic has been caring for my family for many years. We all have a better quality of life as a result! We can see better functioning and more peace for our parents, my wife's breathing (asthma-induced problems) is much easier after sessions, and myself and my sisters FEEL great all over after every visit. Love the place and the people!
Mary B.

From the moment you walk in the door at Community Chiropractic, you feel so welcome, cared about, and good! I’ve been going to Community Chiropractic for over 7 years every month. I’ve gotten adjusted and aligned by Drs. Steve and Pam who take a gentle approach to heal. I leave there feeling better, looser, more relaxed, and uplifted. They are so kind and care about their patients and the whole community, always wanting to help others. I have fallen or twisted my back over the years and look forward to going to Community Chiropractic, knowing Drs. Steve and Pam Jarboe will help me heal and feel better faster. Thank you so much to everyone at Community Chiropractic! – Tina O.

Drs. Pam and Steve Jarboe are two of the finest chiropractors in the profession. They offer excellent service grounded in love and compassion. Carleen T.

Excellent and compassionate care is what you receive at Community Chiropractic. Drs. Steve and Pam have a way of assessing the whole person and providing just the right type of care to keep you moving! I appreciate the exceptional care and education they provide to help me think about my own self care. They have helped my whole family! – Sara M.

I get checked and adjusted by Dr. Pam and Dr. Steve on a regular basis. They have an uncanny ability to sense any problem I may be having, to keep me feeling and functioning at my best, and to simply make me feel important and appreciated. They entire experience of their clinic makes my visit and my life better.
James P.

Knowledgeable, passionate, committed. They are just the best. Cynthia F.

Care without (sales) pressure. Dr Steve has been treating my family for a couple of years. I'm able to recover from issues quickly and prevent most of my flare ups with regular visits.
Ivan D.

I love this clinic. I see the doctors weekly for what was initially a sciatic-type issue and monthly headaches. I’m happy to report that my symptoms were gone after a few weeks of treatment. I continue to go regularly for maintenance and to stay in alignment. I love the friendly, upbeat environment and how relaxing it is to go there.– Angela M.

"My anxiety is getting easier to handle. I am able to feel calm and that changes how my body feels. I love it! I'm so glad chiropractic is a part of my life!"
Kaitlin L.