BAD knee, hip and shoulders….

Practice members talk about my “bad” this and that.

Our joints and body parts that we label as “bad” is a curiosity. What makes them bad? Answers inevitably are something like, “Ohhh. It’s bad because I have arthritis in it, but my doc says that’s just the way it is. I am old. So I have to expect the arthritis.”

Chiropractors ask though, “How old is your other knee? Or what about all the other joints in your body?” Deterioration in one area versus another is NOT normal and doesn’t need to be expected or accepted.

While all the bones and nerves are the same chronological age, they age on their own depending on their alignment and ability to function normally.

We have seen a few things in practice that may be a surprise. Children can have arthritis in certain joints because of uneven load bearing or early age injuries. Another thing that may surprise is that spines can regenerate. We have seen an MRI of the spine taken at the onset of a patient’s care. The patient had a bulging disc and mild degeneration. After 14 months of chiropractic care, another MRI was performed and it found the bulging disc had returned to normal. There is increased disc height.

We have seen some of the worst cases over the 25 years we have been working in chiropractic offices: cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, multiple bulging disc, spinal stenosis, and varying stages of arthritis. The lesson learned is that the body is a healing machine! It has the ability to change in ways that cannot be imagined.

We cannot guarantee how your body will heal because each of us is unique but we know that you will heal more and faster when there is less pressure on your nerve system. So, if you are getting regular adjustments, give yourself a pat on the back for helping your body to heal. You are on the right path!