Community Chiropractic Welcomes You!

At Community Chiropractic we have a unique approach! 

Community Chiropractic
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Our intention is to have ready answers to any questions or concerns. Whether you have never seen a chiropractor before or have been adjusted your whole life, we want you to feel at home in our office. We want to provide you with real solutions! 

We have cared for patients as young as just a few  days old and as old as 100! Similarly, we have treated people for general wellness as well as people who have suffered injuries. As a result, we see people with a variety of healthcare needs.   

Above all, the aim at Community Chiropractic is to  provide the highest quality care to you and your family. 

Dr. Steve Jarboe  includes modern techniques and gentle approaches to help your body to function better. Click on his name to see more about him!

The staff always provides a friendly, safe, competent environment. This goes a long way to make healthcare sustainable. They are happy to work with your schedule to find appointments that are right for you. 

Imagine your body as a house.

If your foundation is off, what happens?  The walls crack, windows and doors close incorrectly, and the plumbing and electric systems don’t work at their best. The do it yourself mentality says “Spackle the walls”  or “replace broken glass, and file down the doors that are jammed”. Therefore, the original problem rarely gets addressed. Because of this, every issue will occur over and over.  Hiring a professional to look into what your house needs is the only way to get the best outcome.

Many of our choices in healthcare revolve around getting rid of the symptoms. At Community Chiropractic we perform a complete chiropractic exam and posture analysis to firm up the foundation of your health.  Contact us today to set up an appointment!

We look forward to helping you,

Dr. Stephen Jarboe and Staff.