Our Philosophy

We believe in a natural solution to healthcare needs and place large emphasis on education.

Our current healthcare system is set-up to merely relieve symptoms and it is rarely looking to the cause and correction of disease. This quick fix mentality contributes to our great nation’s current dilemma in healthcare. Ailments become chronic; costs continue to rise and a solution is rarely found.  Patients are seldom involved in the process and can feel frustrated and stuck.

In our office, we include our practice members. We provide wellness workshops at no charge to you and your family. We advocate for you to learn about how YOU can live life at your fullest potential. Because true health care never begins too soon, we see starting seeing children as young as just a few days old.

Our experience in practice has shown that people are overloaded with stimuli. When people have an overload of stimulus – physical, chemical, or emotional – their bodies and minds don’t work as well as they could. After receiving this extraordinarily gentle chiropractic care, they feel freer, more flexible, clear headed and happy.

Dr Steve has trained extensively in newer, gentle, low force and non manipulative techniques, as well as traditional chiropractic techniques. Gentle specific adjustments along your spine cause tension to release from your nerve system, and allows your body to experience more of its potential. He has had the honor of adjusting brand new babies and hundred year old patients in his more than 20 years of practice.

We hope to provide excellent care for you and your family.