Chiropractic For Back Pain

Your Back Pain could be relived with a simple adjustment.

“I was a bit skeptical at first that chiropractic was going to help with my issues. But now I am so much better and I no longer need regular cortisone injections.” J. Hadland

There IS a better way!

You don’t have time to be in pain or deal with nagging aches. But you do have time to take a few minutes each week to take care of yourself. At Community Chiropractic, patients discover how important routine chiropractic care is to their overall health and well-being. Take just a few minutes each month to maintain a healthy spine and restore balance a relaxing experience you’ll want to have again and again.

We Make It Easy For You.

We’re conveniently located in Groton, MA and are committed to working with you to find an appointment time that fits your schedule.

Best of all, our wellness plans cost even less than most co-pays. Not all patients choose a wellness plan, but if you do, it’s a great and cost effective way to invest in your health

*Valid for new patients only. Restrictions may apply to Medicare eligible patients. Individual results may vary.

Your First Appointment:

Plan on about 30 minutes for your first appointment, though follow-up visits can take as few as 5 to 15 appointment.

At the end of your initial appointment, the doctor will determine the best care plan for your specific needs. There are three types of choices for care in our office: relief care which could be one or few appointments, corrective care, which can be 3 – 12 months depending upon severity, and wellness care.

Our mission is to improve quality of life through high quality, affordable and life enhancing chiropractic care.