The Story about Symptoms

Often we hear people say things like: “I have been GREAT since my last adjustment and I don’t need to come in any more!” or “ I don’t need a chiropractor because – knock on wood – my back is fine.”

Would you wait for your car to blow up before you brought it to a mechanic for tune ups?

How about neglecting your teeth for 45 years and thinking that your teeth are healthy?

Would you wait to have a heart attack before you considered the health of your heart?

Symptoms are misleading.

Find out about the true health and FUNCTION of your nerve system by checking in with your chiropractor on a consistent basis.  For some people this is one time per month. For some one time per quarter.  Talk to your chiropractor.  Find out about your spinal health and function and then make a plan to take care of it before it is too late.