The Power of Querencia

Querencia means a place a person feels safe, or desires to be. This term is used in bullfighting and refers to the moment when the bull pauses in the ring, finds his breath, slows down and stops reacting to the things the matador is doing to keep him under control.  Most matadors try hard not to let the bull find this place of power and strength and work to keep the bull in a state of reaction.

This summer finds me contemplating the power of my querencia, my pause.  How many of us are on the hamster wheel with our health, our family life, our spiritual life, our personal development?  So often we spend our days just deflecting and surviving from one day to the next.  The whirlwind of life often leaves us drained and in reaction.  IF we only would take the time to STOP, reflect, gather our senses and redirect our focus.

For years, I have witnessed this process to be true with practice members in our Chiropractic office in Groton, MA.  People are often spinning from one doctor to another, searching for a diagnosis, a medication, or any means to STOP and silence the signals their bodies are shouting out at them, only to throw themselves back into the ring of life, fighting one daily battle after another.

They override their body’s request for rest, quiet, water, play, movement.  With years and years of practice at this, they have become divorced from the wisdom of their body. Slowly and one step at a time, they must dig out of the hole of disconnection and dysfunction and regain a sense of listening and helping their bodies to function even better than before.

Take time to pause this summer.  Draw a pause sign like the one on the DVD player and put it up on your computer to remind you to stop and breathe, stretch or drink a glass of water.  Re-gather your strength.  Redirect your focus to amplify your own health and wellbeing.

What three steps can you take today to bring more wellbeing into your daily routine?   I am renewing my commitment to a morning routine of drinking water, practicing yoga and having a healthy shake for breakfast.  I invite you to share your steps in the comment section below and begin to create your querencia, to gather your strength and return to your life triumphant against the forces that keep you reactive and less than you most wonderful self.  And that’s no bull!