Your Body is smaaaaaaaahhht

When I was pregnant with my oldest son, Jackson, I went to the Martin Luther King memorial where they had a statue of a man holding his baby up to the sky with an inscription below that read: “behold the only thing greater than you.” This seemed like an amazing message to give to a child, reminding them that they are powerful and great just the way they are. I thought about the baby inside me and hoped to be able to instill a visceral sense of this in him. In the years that followed, I saw the children that he was surrounded by who stood in line in preschool to receive their medications. I knew deeply that NOONE would look at a baby and think to make it healthier by adding prescription strength chemicals. And yet, i was surrounded by a culture that seemed to deem this a good idea. (Know that I understand that in very rare cases, these prescription chemicals save lives but it is very rare that it is NECESSARY).

In our country we are acting as if health comes in a pill , or a surgery. We are always trying to buy more time to abuse and neglect ourselves. We overlook the POWER that lies within and in JUST seeing it, we can enhance it. A teacher who sees the Potential in their student amplifies that potential just through their vision. I am encouraging you to read through these following facts with respect and appreciation for your body REGARDLESS of how you may currently be annoyed by its appearance or seeming lack of performance. By truly seeing the incredible potential of your body, you will change your own physiological performance.

Two cells came together to form you.
They divided only 50 times and created 100 trillion cells. That is more than the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.
You came complete with 100 Billion Brain Neurons that can send impulses at lightening speed to every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body.
You came complete with a very sophisticated nerve system that stretches for miles and stores over 100 Trillion bits of information.
Your body Produces 8 Million new red blood cells every second.
100,000 genes with more than 50% designated to the structure and function of your nervous system!
You are made up of 60 trillion cells.
You have 600 muscles & 206 bones.
Red Blood Cell’s live approximately 120 days and make 300,000 trips through the blood stream; that’s almost 2 trips per minute!
If all of your blood vessels were placed end to end, they would stretch around the world 12 times!
The heart weighs less than one pound and yet beats approximately 40 million times per year.
The heart pumps 2.5 gallons per minute or 1,314,000 gallons per year.
The energy output of the heartbeat in a 24 hour period alone is enough to raise three fully-loaded Greyhound buses off the ground.
The lungs use about 90 gallons of pure oxygen per day.
Because of the alveoli (tiny projections in the lungs), the surface area of the lungs is approximately 40-60 miles.
We take approximately 9 million breaths per year
Our lungs pump approximately 2 gallons of air per minute while at rest and approximately 26 gallons of air per minute while exercising.
Stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) is so strong, that one drop of it on the skin will leave a painful blister, but the stomach is left unharmed.
The stomach produces 2.5 quarts of acid per day
Over the course of a 70 year life span, the stomach will have produced 60,000 quarts of acid to help digest 40 tons of food
Nerves transmit their signals at 300 m.p.h.
There are 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) in your body. If you were going to count all 100 billion cells at the rate of 1 per second, it would take 3,171 year.
Light pressure on a spinal nerve root can lessen your nerve transmission as much as 40%. This can negatively affect any part of your health.

Your amazing body will have the chance to be more ALIVE, more fully functioning if you keep your nerve system healthy!

Are you operating efficiently?

This past weekend Dr. Steve, myself and our son, Max attended a chiropractic seminar in New Jersey. It was a really wonderful weekend crammed with great information, good friends and fun family time. Getting ready last Thursday was a whirlwind of packing, working, planning, and preparing a presentation for the seminar.

In all the activity, I misplaced my cell phone and we had to leave without it. Like many of us, I have become so dependent upon my cell phone. It has my contacts, calendar, notes, and a GPS that is sometimes helpful, and sometimes pushing me to the brink of chaotic frenzy. (Dr. Steve would say, “light tap into said frenzy!”)

Anyhooooo, the weekend presented with many communication challenges because I did not have my phone. Not being able to reach people during the breaks, the inability to coordinate with my family without “running up to the room,” being invited to speak to a group of chiropractors but not having my schedule on hand, and getting lost in NYC at midnight were some of the communication glitches that occurred as a result of getting sidetracked on Thursday night.

Everything went okay, but it could have been much more productive and more EASE filled had I had the proper communication tools. Now you all know me by now — I am trying to make a point! Yes, your body has days like this, where things are seemingly working properly but there is a lack of ease; and it may be taking more work than it could take if there were the proper communication.

One of the presenters this weekend showed MRI slides of a patient’s brain. The first slide was taken while he was wiggling his toes. Then the patient got adjusted, and his brain was scanned a second time, again, while wiggling his toes. The first scan showed activity in many centers of the brain while the second scan showed activity only in the area that controlled this specific movement.

This study demonstrated the more efficient brain function that many people under chiropractic care speak about. The ease with which they can mentally focus, coordinate body functions, perform athletic tasks and just experience daily activities increases under chiropractic care.

Legendary NBA coach Pat Riley said, “A particular shot or way of moving the ball can be a player’s personal signature, but efficiency of performance is what wins the game for the team.” It’s the same with your brain and nervous system function.

How can you increase your performance in the game of life? Can you be more alive? More coordinated? More hooked-in and aware? Can you be more efficient and effective in life? Chiropractic is a big part in helping you to express your inborn potential with more ease and efficiency!