Mid-back curve

Mid-back curve:
-Spine and heart, vertebrogenous cardiac syndromes. Egli, AB Ann Swiss Chiro Assoc 4:95-105, 1969.
A lack of mid spine curve is described as accompanying heart murmurs, pulmonary problems, and other forms of cardiopulmonary disease.

-The straight thoracic spine in cardiac diagnosis. Gooch AS, Maranhao, Goldberg H, Am Heart J 74:595-602, 1967.
Thoracic Kyphosis causes :
Systolic murmurs alterations of heart sounds, Enlargement of the cardiac silhouette, and Compression of the heart and great vessels.

-Reflex and vertebrogenic disorders in ischemic heart disease, their importance in therapy. Rvchlikova E, Rehabilitacia 8:109-114. 1975.
Patients with significant cardiac pain have a high prevalence of T4-6 subluxation.

-Palpatory testing for somatic dysfunction in patients for cardiovascular disease. Beal M, Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 82:822-831, 1983
Data from 21 studies demonstrated the presence of T1-4 subluxations in cases of heart disease.