And Don’t Forget to Breath!

For my generation of women, this phrase will trigger a flashback of Jane Fonda and fluorescent leggings. I recall grumbling during aerobics, as I was prone to do, “Who would forget to breath?? Duh!” I was grouchy and thought it was one of the dumbest ideas. Years later, I realize that I often “forget” to breath fully. I hold my breath often if I am nervous, scared or upset. Breathing fully has begun to be a practice for me on a daily basis. I still haven’t embraced the leggings but I am so on board with the breathing.

What I have learned over the years is that breathing helps with the obvious things: Living things breath, dead things don’t! Breathing recharges the blood with oxygen and helps pump cerebral spinal fluid up around the spinal cord and brain stem, bathing the spinal cord in nutrients and shock absorption. On videofluoroscopy, it mimics the old wave machines that decorated our window sills. When we breath , we allow for better nervous system functioning.

We teach a basic breathing awareness class in our office monthly to give you a tool to remind the part of your brain that has forgotten this basic and very important function.