To Drug or Not to Drug….That is the Question.

To Drug or Not to Drug.  That is the question.

For the most part, chiropractors have said no to drugs.  They look at the body and try to enhance its own natural healing ability.  In many cases, drugs anesthetize or eliminate the symptom.  Compare the body to a machine, a car for example.  If the lights on the dashboard come on, then you would not lift up the hood, unplug the wires and then get back in and see the light signal gone and think, “problem solved.”  Most people understand the principle of good gas, regular maintenance and avoidance of extreme circumstances enhances the life and performance of the car.

This article in Men’s Health Magazine  lists 8 drugs MDs would not take for themselves or their own family. Better make sure you’re not using them.

Here is the list:

  • Keflex-antibiotic that kills bacteria and your liver too
  • Nexium and Prilosec-anti-heartburn drugs that cause pneumonia and heart attacks.
  • Visine-as in eyedrops Visine… causes eye redness (I am not making this up).
  • Pseudoephedrine-sinus decongestant that causes heart attacks and strokes.
  • Advair-the asthma drug has a black box warning because it can often cause worse asthma.
  • Avendia-for diabetes increases your chances of getting and dying of a heart attack.
  • Celebrex-one of the few remaining cox-2 inhibitors left on the market still causes heart attacks in addition to the stomach bleeding and liver damage.

Along these lines, remember that you are your own best health advocate.  Put yourself in the drivers seat of your health. We wouldn’t give drugs to a healthy baby and think they would make it healthier.  Drugs can be life saving and life costing.  Seek ways to increase your body’s function and vitality.

Here is another site to help you learn more about the reactions of drugs in the body.