COVID 19 Protocols

Our Current COVID 19 Protocol

We know that the COVID 19 Pandemic is a difficult time for many people and we are choosing to stay open to provide support for patients who need our help.

Please know that we are following all recommended guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of everyone in the Community Chiropractic community. We will keep you informed of all related decisions as soon as possible. The health and well-being of individuals within our community are of the utmost importance to all of us.

Community Chiropractic plans to follow the guidance of state and public health officials.

At this time, we are proceeding as follows: 

  • We are disinfecting all door handles and other “high-touch” surfaces throughout the day.
  • Disinfecting spray is available and utilized after each patient’s adjustment is completed.
  • Our staff washes or sanitizing our hands constantly.
  • All children’s toys and books have temporarily been removed from the office environment.
  • If you are concerned about being in the waiting room, please call our office when you arrive in the parking lot. We will mark you as arrived and call you when a table is available.
  • We Request that any patients exposed to the virus reschedule their appointments
  • Hand sanitizer is placed in convenient locations throughout the office and adjusting rooms.

In addition, we are committed to making the best decisions concerning your health. Therefore we are monitoring information from federal and local health agencies. Moreover, we are staying up to date on any recommendations and guidance.

State and public health officials have indicated that the risk to children and young to middle-aged adults is low. We encourage our patients who have immune comprising illnesses, fever and sore throat to use the precautions they need. It has often been the case, in difficult times, that my chiropractic office has been a vital resource in the communities that I have served. As I have heard from so many this week, that continues to be true.

Finally, we hope you share our gratitude for our staff who continue to work so hard to ensure our care is thorough, safe and welcoming.  

Thank you for continuing to choose and trust Community Chiropractic. It is a sincere pleasure to serve you. We know that many of you are experiencing big changes physically, emotionally and socially.

Yours Truly, Dr. Steve Jarboe

These studies show an increase in immune cell count following an adjustment: