Seasonal Allergies

Q: I have had allergies since childhood. Several years of allergy shots and thousands of antihistamine doses later, I still find myself in misery when the pollen starts coming out. I also have eczema and asthma symptoms which I think are allergy related. A friend suggested chiropractic — can it help me?

Seasonal Allergies Seasonal allergies can make some of us miserable for months at a time, really decreasing our ability to enjoy the seasons — no fun when you want to be spending time outside! Antihistamines do not address the real issues, which is a challenged immune system.

A: Antihistamines help to dry out mucous membranes and can bring temporary relief of symptoms; however they also cause side effects such as fatigue or even heart problems in some cases, and can be dangerous if combined with alcohol, or some other medications.

Chiropractic is not a treatment for allergies, but it is a way to relieve stress on the nervous system by addressing spinal subluxations – areas of the spine which put stress on the nervous system. By relieving this stress and allowing the nerve flow to function more effectively, it essentially allows the immune system to function more effectively, giving your body a helping hand in doing what it should be doing naturally.

In one study of 360 patients with allergies, skin conditions and asthma (commonly-related conditions) in the group receiving spinal care, 88% showed improvement in skin itching and 72% showed improvement in skin condition. Allergies improved in 70% of the spinal care group. This is just one study – there is documentation that people have experienced fewer allergies after receiving chiropractic care. We’ve seen it in our office.

Your nervous and immune systems are interrelated, and the health of one affects the health of the other. By reducing stresses to the nervous system, chiropractic care also helps your body adapt better to all the stresses in your environment, including those relating to allergies.