Mind Body and Spirit

Today, someone in the practice came in talking to me about a recent betrayal they had experienced in their relationship.  The ground had cracked beneath her and she felt so physically and emotionally horrible.  She was confused about why she felt physically ill when it was an emotional issue.  I explained with an analogy.

I hate mice.  They give me the “wicked” heebie jeebies.  (I am from Boston-give me a break!).  Anyway, if a mouse were to cross my path, my physiology would change.  My heart would beat faster.  My breathing would become more shallow.  My muscles would tighten.  My pupils might dilate.  My nervous system might kick into “fight or flight” or sympathetic mode which suppresses the immune system.  A cascade of biochemistry would create a domino effect of physiological change all as a result of one nasty creepy little rodent.

As you go through life’s mental and emotional “personal growth opportunities,” know that your body is often deeply affected.  Care for your body by making sure your nerve system isn’t having “fuses blown” or getting “glitched” by all the raucus.  It can also help you to deal with all of it with more flexibility and ease.

To my dear heartbroken friend, know the importance of grief.  Here are the words of the Sufi poet Hafiz:

“The heart is right to cry,When even the smallest drop of light, of love Is taken away.”

The Story about Symptoms

Often we hear people say things like: “I have been GREAT since my last adjustment and I don’t need to come in any more!” or “ I don’t need a chiropractor because – knock on wood – my back is fine.”

Would you wait for your car to blow up before you brought it to a mechanic for tune ups?

Would you neglect your teeth for 45 years and think that your teeth are healthy?

Would you wait to have a heart attack before you considered the health of your heart?

Symptoms are misleading.

Find out about the true health and FUNCTION of your nerve system by checking in with your chiropractor on a consistent basis.  For some people this is one time per month. For some one time per quarter.  Talk to your chiropractor.  Find out about your spinal health and function and then make a plan to take care of it before it is too late.

Your health affects Everything you do and Everyone you know

Many people think of health when they do not have it.  They wish they had done things earlier.  This time of year gives us the collective perspective that it is time to wake up to our potential for better life expression through our health and well being.  This excites me because these principles are chiropractic principles.  We chiropractors embrace the concept of personal responsibility and making tiny little drops in the bucket to create future waves of wellbeing.

I love this time of year when we all seem to realize and want to commit to our own well being.  We are making commitments to care for ourselves better.  Please share your health resolutions below so others can get inspired.  The healthier you are, the better your contribution to your family, community and profession.  Thank you for making the commitments you are making!  It makes a difference for all of us.

Summer Self-Care Slump

Recently I have heard many mamas talking about their own self-care slump over the summer.  Self care goes out the window when the children are around more and there is a  lack of routine.  I have repeatedly found myself really understanding the people in my practice who have such a hard time with self-care appointments, especially over the summer.

I can relate to this dilemma.  I am a “helper-type” person.  I find it easier and more natural to help others before myself.  Many coaches of mine over the years have reminded me that on an airplane, adults are instructed to put their own oxygen mask on first before applying the mask to their child.  This rule is so important for me as a caregiver and as a mama.

In examining my summer of little self care, I look back to where the train left the proverbial track.  While looking at my life under the magnifying glass, I saw that I even went 10 weeks without a haircut.  I didn’t realize until the woman who does my hair told me.  I was traveling in the time-warp machine called KIDSKNOWHOWTOMAKE THEIRNEEDSMET.  I decided to learn from this summer and implement a system to stop the train from veering so far away from the rails.  I now make future appointments while at my appointments.  And I even schedule several appointments ahead.  This means that even if I miss one, I am okay because I already have the next one in place.  In my appointment challenged world, this tiny little tweak helps.

I am going to take care of all of my scheduling now.  I can’t keep on with my blog yappin’.  I am heading over to that fabulous chiropractor, Dr Steve, to make my appointments for my adjustments, one of my favorite self-care steps!  If you are at all like me and have a hard time fitting yourself in, remember our home mantra, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy.”  So do the things that make you happy; if not for yourself, then for your family.  They have to live with you!